Finding the right product is overwhelming!


Imagine walking into a big box healthfood store looking for something to help you sleep.  The shelves are filled with  things.  Dr. Weir realized this problem and decided to solve it.  He has taken the experience of 37 years in practice, helping people who can't sleep, combined that with products he has experimented with, and put together a fomulation that works.  He has called it "Dr Weirs Relax Formula".  You see, it not only helps you relax enough to sleep, but it helps your muscles relax too!  

Comparing Apples and Oranges...and Kiwi!


Dr. Weir has taken all of the needed nutrition and put it into the best possible form for you to absorb all of them...a liquid!  There are some other products on the market that LOOK LIKE Relax Formula...but aren't.  So, be careful.  Don't get sucked into "they're all the same".  No they aren't.  You will find the formula that Dr. Weir has put together will not only taste better, but will work!   

Better absorption in a liquid!


Dr Weir found out a long time ago that pills do not absorb well.  They just go through the intestines, often just being expelled.  He formulated a special powdered sleep formula, when mixed with hot water, creates a liquid that begins to be absorbed immediately.  He sweetened it with stevia and gave it a wonderful berry flavor.  From the first drink, you will notice a difference with your insomnia.  

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What's in it?


We're taking all these, and putting them into one product...Relax Formula

Not only do we put them all together for you, but then we put it into an easy to drink liquid so it absorbs!  Imagine, a great tasting drink instead of a handful of pills!  It doesn't get any better than that!

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

This organic sulfur compound helps reduce inflammation in the body and increase flexibility.  Dr Weir combined it with Vit. C to help rebuild tissues.  It is also a natural detoxifier   (600 mg)

Magnesium (magnesium carbonate, citrate and gluconate)

Because it helps calcium absorb, it helps with bone health and nervous system function.  It helps relieve anxiety and it helps lower atherosclerosis and blood pressure.  (400 mg)

Potassium Citrate

This not only balances sodium in the body, assisting with cardiovascular health, but it helps maintain healthy muscles.   (90 mg)

Vitamin D3

Known for helping with bone health is big, but it also helps curb depression.  Did you know that it also helps with tiredness and aches and pains.  400 IU

Zinc(3mg) and Vitamin C (300mg)

Studies show that Zinc helps the neurons of the body communicate with each other.  It also helps maintain good immune systems together with vitamin c.

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