Who is Dr Weir?


Practicing Chiropractor since 1981

A graduate of Palmer College, Dr. Weir quickly found that people are suffering, and most of them can't sleep.  He set out to find out why and to help them.  The chiropractic care is great...but they needed more.   His work with Fibromyalgia took him to the point of writing a book, and formulating a product to help them sleep.   He still practices in Raleigh, North Carolina.   www.raleighinjurychiro.com


Best Selling Author

He decided to put the information that he had learned in practice on paper, and it started with "You're Not Crazy, an Overcomer's Guide to Fibromyalgia".  From there, he has written 5 more books, including "How to Reboot Your Brain", "Wake Up and Dream", "Mastering the Art of Success" and his latest is "My Success Battleplan: 365 Days to a Successful Future". 


National TV Host

His tv show, "Loving Life with Dr Weir" started 6 years ago on the CW station in Raleigh and has now grown to over 463 stations nationwide.  It is a 30 minute show helping people find those things around them that will help them "love life".  It includes cooking, eating, entrepreneurs, authors, musicians and people who just love life and want to share it.  www.drtimweir.com